Lola Kutty

Category : Movies

Language : English

Genre : Comedy

Released : Unreleased

Star Cast & Info : Seema Mishra, Ajay Balhara, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Vishal Watwani, Viveck Vaswani

Synopsis :

Lola (Seema Mishra) is an inimitably sexy girl who charms her way into the heart and house of Sandy (Ajay Balhara) a laid-back bartender, after knocking off her robber boyfriend Bhusa (Rishi Khurana). After moving in with him she starts getting more and more control over Sandy’s life and his house. She also casts her charming spell over Andy (Viveck Vaswani) and Randy (Vishal Watwani). Andy’s the investigat- ing officer, who knows about Lola’s involvement in these crimes, but can’t help overlook it. Randy’s a star lawyer (and Sandy’s over- condescending cousin), who’s so smitten by Lola, that he would bend all the laws for her sake. Soon Lola manages to throw Sandy out of his house. Realizing that he’s been taken for a ride, Sandy seeks avenge by hiring KD (Dibyendu Bhattacharya), a contract killer. Meanwhile, in Sandy’s absence, both Andy and Randy ready to stake their claim on Lola. To compound the confusion, Ghusa, Bhusa’s brother, also arrives to revenge his brother’s death. What happens next, forms the totally unpredictable climax of this sexy crime comedy from Kallol Sen.

Country of Origin : India