Category : Movies

Language : English

Genre : Thriller

Released : Unreleased

Star Cast & Info : Rahul Roy, Jessica Bath, Sarah Williams, Tim Smith

Synopsis :

Dates ... not just random combination of numbers, but numbers, which decide our fates. We all are connected to them; dates like markers on the sands of time which may get washed away but remain somewhere in the ocean of our memory. Life itself is dated! They change everyday... on school notebooks, on newspapers, on traffic signals, on our watches, on calendars, on desktops, news channels, hotel rooms, hospital beds, offices, airports, railway stations ... everywhere! Wilde (Rahul Roy), is one guy, whose life revolves around these dates. He values them a lot. Anybody who doesn’t respect them or doesn’t respects time is a criminal in his eyes. He punishes them by taking their lives away from them. He is on this killing spree until he comes across a woman whom he connects through the internet and wants to meet in real life. This woman is his next target. What happens to her? Will he be able to kill her? Will Wilde ever get caught? This is the story of Wilde’s life, which very soon is going to get dated itself!

Country of Origin : India