First Night Sleep Tight - Season 2

Category : Web Series

Language : Bhojpuri

Genre : Comedy

Released : 2021

Star Cast & Info : Shiva, Priya Gupta, Ekta Sharma, Nisha Gupta, Anchal Kohli, Himanshu Naria, Ravi Chandel, Lokesh Pan

Synopsis :

Even after three months of their marriage, Bissu and Rekha still remain virgin. Things get crazier when Rekha takes a vow to first settle her three sisters in married lives and then consummate her own marriage. And to add to Bissu’s suffering, his notorious friend Sattu also lands up in the house to stay with them. It becomes a madhouse, when Bissu has to compete with Sattu to maintain his importance in the house and safeguard his innocent wife from the biggest flirt on the planet.

Country of Origin : India