Kabhie Kabhie

Category : TV Series

Language : Hindi

Genre : Drama

Released : 1997

Star Cast & Info : Shefali Chhaya, Irawati Harshe, Rohit Roy, Aly Khan, Deepak Parashar, Surekha Sikri, Lilette Dubey

Synopsis :

When friends turn enemies – this forms the essence of KABHIE KABHIE. It is the fascinating and compelling story of the intense friendship of two girls. Radha and Mandira and their fierce struggle to stay close against all odds. Professional rivalry, they are both lawyers pitted on the opposite side of the law; personal and professional difference and anguish, they fall in love with the same man, create an almost permanent rift in this beautiful friendship. This is the story of difficult relationships, of dilemmas, of hard choices one make in life, of broken friendships, of professional ambitions, and of the grim and challenging world of law and a ringside view of the contemporary India.

Country of Origin : India