Category : TV Series

Language : Gujarati

Genre : Drama

Star Cast & Info : Mukesh Rawal, Ragini, Vijay Dutt, Darshan Jhariwalla, Manisha Kanojia, Pankaj Shah, Kishore Bhat

Synopsis :

Janmdata   is  the  story  emotional  events,   characters   with

sentimental  approach  towards life and  critical  circumstances.

Janmdata  is  a  story of mother, story of son  &  story  of  tow



Pooja  is in love of Aditya Sanghavi son of Indravadan  Sanghavi,

famous  industrialist.  Pooja  is  carrying  Aditya's  child  and

Indravadan forces Aditya to marry Bhairavi. She is a daughter  of

Industrialist friend of Indravadan. Aditya opposes but Indravadan

convinces  him  that  Pooja is a middle-class  girl  without  any

special economical or social background. Aditya is not  convinced

but he has no guts to fight with his father.


Pooja  comes to know about this marriage through his great fan  &

onesided lover Vicky, the photographer.


Pooja asks Aditya that is it true. Aditya has no answer. Pooja is

broken  but she challenges him that one day wealth will not  have

any  value  and he will ask for her help. Pooja is  having  uncle

aunty as guardian, nobody else is in her life. As an Indian women

she  can't  show her face to Society as a virgin  mother  so  she

tries  to suicide. Here one old gentleman stops her and he  taken

her to a marriage beanrow. Pooja is now staying with that old man

Gijukaka  &  looks after his marriage beanrow.  Here  she  dreams

about  marriage  but her life is miserable. She delivers  a  cute

boy, Karan.


One fine morning she is introduced to a young man Sharad who  has

come to appy for his marriage. He proposes her and she tells  him

all truth about her past and shows a baby.


Sharad  is a man with modern concept and character and  he  feels

that there is no mistake no Pooja's part. He says that he accepts

Karan  and  gives his name as father. They both are  married  and

stays at small new flat.


Sharad is an ideal father, ideal husband. Pooja's life is full of

happiness. Sharad gets job in Bhairavi Enterprise, new company by

Aditya  Sanghavi. Sharad is very happy about his new job,  he  is

personal  manager.  He and Aditya are very  good  friend.  Sharad

handles  workers  strike very tactfully and saves  Aditya's  life

from and attack by worker.


Aditya  always ask about Sharad's family life but he didn't  know

that Pooja is Sharad's wife. Even Pooja doesn't know that Sharad.


As working with Aditya Sanghavi.


Aditya  is  very keen about his own child but  Bhairavi  couldn't

give  him  child. Aditya's life with child is great  tragedy  for

Sanghavi family. Here Pooja delivers girl & Sharad is very happy.


Years  passed, Karan is now 16 years old. There is a custom's  of

Sharad  to give a grand party on Karan's birthday. Karan had  met

Aditya many time during social function & Aditya was loving Karan

very  much. At the birthday of Karan this year. Aditya  comes  to

know  that  Karan is his child through that  Photographer  Vicky.

Aditya  meets Pooja at birthday party and begs for  Karan.  Pooja

can't  forgive  Aditya.  Karan  also  knows  the  truth.   Sharad

convinces Karan and Pooja that future of Karan will be great with

Aditya's help. He is father of Karan.


Karan  is  not at all convinced by this argument but he  goes  to

meet Aditya. Aditya shows wealth & tries to impress him. Karan is

very  firm.  He asks why Aditya had thrown Pooja  on  road  side?

Where  were  he  for so many years? What is the use  of  so  much

wealth  & Aristrocracy Aditya feels very sorry for his  past.  He

pleads Karan but Karan can't forgive him. He goes back to Pooja's

house. Sharad welcomes him.


Aditya has everything but not the child. He can't be father.


Janmdata,  a  great  concept of Indian  Society.  Sharad  is  not

Karan's father but he has given him life. He is true Janmdata and

Jeevandata too.

Country of Origin : India