Fruits Commando

Category : TV Series

Language : English

Genre : Drama

Released : 2020

Synopsis :

In a large, mysterious forest, a kind and lively fruit race living a leisurely and carefree life far away from the noisy human world for generations. With intelligence and excellent manipulative ability, they establish their fruit civilization gradually within this dense forest and understand how to live harmoniously with Mother Nature. What the fruit race who lives a comfortable life never expects is, Dr. Redbeard, a fruit hunter rejected by the human society, reaches his devilish claws towards this pure, natural paradise for his greed. The 3 green hand students of fruit institute: Muscular Mandarin, Smart Pineapplello and Little Applo, who are the disruptive kids in their class. They are appreciated by Crazy Nutty and join the secret squad –Fruits Commando With their intelligence and abilities, they successfully save the fruity race time and time again from the evil schemes of Dr. Redbeard.

Country of Origin : China