Badalte Rishte

Category : TV Series

Language : Hindi

Genre : Drama

Released : 1996

Star Cast & Info : Manoj Bajpayee, Madhavan, S M Zaheer, Sulbha Deshpande, Kumud Mishra, Sonali Kulkarni

Synopsis :

Badalte Rishte is a story of changing fortunes. How dramatically and with what consequences the changes are brought about in the human psyche, personality, behaviour and relationships.   Badalte Rishte strongly underscores the point that people can change their destiny, if they have the will. It portrays people’s convictions, beliefs and faiths on the one hand and on the other, the inherent contradictions in human situations which make or mar a man’s world.  This drama series begins with Anand Narayan Verma, a retired bank official and a man known for his honesty, integrity and adherence to Gandhian principles, about to board a night train to his native village where he intends spending his life in retirement. But destiny wills it otherwise and the CBI sleuths make a sudden appearance to detain him to inquire about a dubious bank transaction in which Verma’s estranged son, Ajay is involved. From here, the story takes intriguing twists and turns. Badalte Rishte is a search, a quest at different levels, for different values of dlife for wealth, power, dignity and peace. And the passion with which men and women work towards their destiny

Country of Origin : India