4 Different Houses

Category : TV Series

Language : Korean

Genre : Romance

Released : 2018

Star Cast & Info : Lee Jae-jin (FTIsland), Juni (Ladies' Code), Nam Yun-soo, Nam Ei-ann

Synopsis :

Sunmin, is a nervous and edgy young man, who gets into trouble and has to leave his idol group. Afterthat he closes himself. Nayoon is a cheerful and sociable woman. Joonha, who was living abroad and is Nayoon’s friend, needs a new place in Korea, and Nayoon finds a room available at the house owned by Sunmin. However, Joonha cannot come on the move-in date due to his business. Nayoon loses her lease apartment, and decides to move in Sunmin’s shared house after she disguises herself as a man. Sumin slowly opens up thanks to Nayoon’s positive outlook. Sometimes, Sunmin feels troubled with Nayoon, despite her male disguise. After Joonha comes back to Korea, they all live together in this house. Jihyun, a beauty blogger and self-filming addict joins them too.  They eventually all become comfortable and learn more about each other. One day, Sunmin mentions that he wants to come back to be an idol singer, and other members in shared household look for ways to help him. Sumin’s comeback project has begun!

Country of Origin : South Korea