Bultir Result

Category : Short Films

Language : Bengali

Genre : Drama

Released : 2020

Synopsis :

Residing in Badkulla, a township in Bengal with her family, Bulti is a small-town girl who is brilliant in her studies. Beyond her expectations, she manages to score the highest marks in the West Bengal board examination. This creates a roaring buzz as a "small-town girl" from an unrecognized school has beaten the"scholars" from all the renowned English medium schools of Kolkata. From local sources, media representatives of a popular News Channel follow the story and without any delay, they visit Bulti's school only to take her along to their studio, located in Kolkata. Bulti's father tags along. What follows is a series of craze and madness that takes place in the news studio while back in Batkulla it's a chaotic day of celebration & festivity in Bulti's residence, school & neighborhood. The story culminates as the tiring day of Bulti and her father comes to an end with a happy realization.

Country of Origin : India