Classical Fusion - Yakshas

Category : Music Audio

Language : English

Genre : Instrumental

Released : 2012

Star Cast & Info : -

Synopsis :

Yakshas, In ancient times Yakshas and Yakshinis were the protectors of Saints and Saviours, giving them the support requires to fulfill their purpose! Flautist Balasai, Sitarist Sivaramakrishna, Violinist Kalpana Venkat & Guitarist John Anthony, along with the percussionists Ganesh, Ramakrishnan and Prasanna, form the Yakshas of today. Protecting the rights of their musical heritage! These astounding musicians have mastered their armory of instruments, have now come together to create path breaking music rooted in the classical music tradition of India. As musical warriors they share a combined experience of over a hundred years! A Rendition of Classical Fusion Music | YAKSHAS - Pareeksha (Test Of The Spirit) | Indian Classical Music - B. Sivaramakrishna Rao, B.V.Balasai,  B.Ganesh Rao A Blend Flute, Sitar, Violin, Electric Guitar, Tabla, Mridangam & Ghatam

Country of Origin : India