Category : Movies

Language : Malayalam

Genre : Thriller

Released : 2005

Star Cast & Info : Prithviraj,Indrajith

Synopsis :

Sandra Punnoose (Pavithra akka Parul Yadav) discovers that she has six months to live. She hires a hitman Christy Lopez (Prithviraj Sukumaran) to end her life, posing as her caretaker Solomon (Jagathy Sreekumar). Christy tries to kill her, but Sandra escapes. But her driver is shot. The case is handled by police officer Surya Narayanan (Siddique). On questioning Sandra, he comes to know about Christy and tries every method to catch him. One day Sandra meets Sathya (also Prithviraj Sukumaran) who saves her from a robbery in a shopping mall. Sandra mistakes him to be Christy and hands him over to the police. The police try to make him admit the truth, but he doesn't say a word. Later his friend Badsha (Salim Kumar) and his guardian, a priest comes to bail him out and tells everyone that he Sathya, a dumb boy, who is an orphan, brought up by the father. Sandra feels sorry for Sathya and to make up for it befriends him. Sathya who is already smitten by Sandra is as happy as he can be. Soon their friendship changes into love. Meanwhile, Christy attempts multiple times to kill Sandra, but gets failed every time due to others saving Sandra. His failures to kill Sandra makes Christy obsessed with wanting to kill her. Later Sandra comes to know from her friend Lavanya's brother Ramdas Menon (Indrajith Sukumaran) a doctor in US her condition is curable. She prepares to leave for the US for treatment. Once back, she confesses her love to Sathya and both decide to get married. On the day of the marriage, however, Christy faints Sathya and takes his place as the groom. He, on the pretext of driving to church, leaves with Sandra in the car. Meanwhile, Sathya regains consciousness and tries to call Sandra from the landline. Sandra receives the call and when receiving only some sounds (like the ones dumb people make) realizes that it is Sathya on the line and that it is Christy who is with her in the car. She pretends that she is talking to her friend and tricks Christy into disclosing where he is taking her. He takes her to a nearby island, where he is going to kill her. Sandra reveals that it was her who gave the quotation, but that doesn't stop Christy from wanting to kill her. Sathya arrives there and a fight ensures between them. Christy overpowers Sathya and is about to kill him when Surya Narayanan comes there and shoots Christy, who falls into the sea. The movie ends with the couple leaving along with the police and Christy, who is not deadly resurfacing from the water

Country of Origin : India