Kit n Sam

Category : Movies

Language : English

Genre : Romance

Released : Unreleased

Star Cast & Info : Vivek Gomber, Mridul Singhvi, Sheena Morjaria

Synopsis :

Sam (Mridul Singhvi) and Kit (Sheena Morjaria) have been a faithful couple going-steady for two years. They get en- gaged. About a week before their marriage, Kit comes up with a proposition, which she thinks will keep their marriage a success forever. She tells Sam that till marriage they should go out and taste the forbidden fruit of infidelity, so that they don’t have any desire for other men/women after marriage ... after much hesitation, Sam agrees to her proposal. A hilarious turn of events ensue through the misadventures of Kit and Sam as they go about trying to have affairs with other men and women ... until they realize what true love is.

Country of Origin : India