Kasthuri Man

Category : Movies

Language : Malayalam

Genre : Romantic

Released : 2003

Star Cast & Info : Kunjakoboban, Meera Jasmin

Synopsis :

Sajan Joseph Alukka (Kunchako Boban) is a soft-spoken and studious young man, while his junior Priyamvada (Meera Jasmine) is smart and outgoing. Her close friend is in love with Sajan, but he avoids her by saying that his only ambition in life is to study hard and become an IAS. But Priya follows him and digs out the truth that though he hails from a rich family, his father has now gone bankrupt and has no money even to pay the exam fee. On hearing this, her friend ditches him. Slowly Priya starts having a soft corner for him. She even pays his fees, but Sajan tries to avoid her and treats this as an insult. One day Sajan meets Priya in his father's friend's house. He is shocked to learn that she is a servant there. Sajan realizes that she works as a domestic servant in five houses to look after her family and pay for her education. He admires her and starts loving her. Priya helps him with money to go for his IAS coaching in Delhi and it is the happiest day for her when Sajan gets his IAS. But Priya murders her abusive brother-in-law in self-defense and is sent to prison. Sajan waits for her return and the two are reunited after Priya's prison term is completed.

Country of Origin : India