Category : Movies

Language : Hindi

Genre : Thriller

Released : 1991

Star Cast & Info : Chunky Pandey, Aditya Pancholi, Kimi katkar, Sony Walia, Amita Nangia, Navin Nischol, Raza Murad, Gu

Synopsis :

Two small children, a boy named Guddu, and his sister named Guddiya are separated from their parents, and take shelter in a temple. Guddiya is not feeling well, so Guddu goes to buy some medication, but when he returns she is nowhere to be found. Years later, Guddu, who calls himself Shankar, has grown up to be a petty criminal. On numerous occasions he comes to the assistance of a CBI Officer, Vijay Sharma, then meets and falls in love with his daughter, Kiran Sharma. Unfortunately, Vijay gets killed, and both Kiran and Shankar band together to look for his killers. The question is whether Shankar will be able to successfully avenge Vijay's death, and if at all he will be re-united with his sister, Guddiya. What Shankar does not know that his mother is in jail, convicted for killing his very own father, Masterji, while purportedly having an affair with a male from their village.

Country of Origin : India