Category : Movies

Language : Bhojpuri

Genre : Romance

Released : 2007

Star Cast & Info : Shivraj Kumar, Upendra, Charmy Kaur, Jennifer Kotwal & Sayaji Shinde

Synopsis :

The film revolves around two close friends Chinnu (Shivarajkumar ) and Chakri (Upendra) who are seasoned conmen and make their living in their own ways. While Chinnu works for a powerful don (Sayaji Shinde) , Chakri earns his bread by conning people. Enter Sara (Jennifer) who is the daughter of the don and falls in love with Chinnu for his heroic deeds in saving her, on the other hand is Sinchana (Charmee) who is a perfect partner for Chakri as she is a noted conwoman too. Trouble begins when Chakri insults Sara to get even with his past experience not knowing that Chinnu is in love with her. Misunderstandings rise and give way for the don and the friend’s rivals to plan a devious plot and separate Chinnu and Chakri forever.