Category : Movies

Language : Hindi

Released : 2011

Star Cast & Info : Krishna, Baladitya, Syerabhanu, Brahmanandam

Synopsis :

 Bharat (Baladitya) completes his degree and leaves for city to take part in sub-inspector's selections. However, on his way to city, he finds a group of people killed and also notices there is about Rs 100 crore worth of gold and currency. He immediately calls up the police. Unfortunately, the police officer is a corrupt fellow and he sends some goons in police attire. Realising that they are not real police, Bharat escapes from them in a typical way. Later, he takes away the money and keeps it in a safe place. From then onwards, a chase starts between Bharat and the mafia gang. Bharat takes shelter in one of his friend's room. In fact, among those dead is the brother of a big mafia don (Ashok Kumar), who leaves for Dubai as the Home Minister issues shoot-at-sight orders against all the anti-social elements. Bharat falls in love with a girl, and incidentally, she is the daughter of the corrupt police officer. Then the DGP reveals that he knows Bharat and he himself gives him the assignment to deal with case and bring the culprits to book. The film ends with the union of Bharat and his girlfriend 

Country of Origin : India