Category : Movies

Language : Hindi

Genre : Thriller

Released : 2007

Star Cast & Info : Kalabhavan Mani, Indrajai, Rajan, and Others

Synopsis :

 Indrajith tells the story of a son Bhasi who is brought up by his father to become a bigger rowdy than himself, in the remote village of Moolikkandam. 'Chembarunthu Bhaskaran,' (Rajan P Dev) the famous goonda wanted his son Bhasi to become a goonda, to protect his family against the increasing number of the enemies who were after them. Even though Bhasi is averse to this, circumstances however conspires him into beating up goons and being a dutiful son, according to his father's wishes. Bhasi moulds himself as a goonda and gains popularity, in a very short time. He has got a gang composing of Rajendran (Riyaz Khan), Hakim, Jamal (Sreejith Ravi) and Vinayan who is eventually into anything, that is lawless in the village. The story of their bravery and guts very easily made their leader popular in the name Changootam Bhasi. 

Country of Origin : India