Category : Movies

Language : Malayalam

Genre : Thriller

Released : 2016

Star Cast & Info : Maqbool, Shine Tom

Synopsis :

Dennis (Maqbool Salmaan), Sam (Shine Tom Chacko), Sameer (Bhagath Manuel) and Shanavas (Nirmal V Benny) are four close college-friends. Dennis is in a relationship with Ann Mariya (Aima Rosmy Sebastian) and Sameer is with Rasiya (Archana Kavi) while Sam does not believe in love. After college Dennis splits with Ann but Sameer and Rasiya end up married. Dennis is now a business consultant and meets Riti Sathyanarayanan (Aina Elsmy Sebastian) during a business trip and was surprised by her similarity with Ann and tries to get close to her. What happens next form the story.

Country of Origin : India