Asai Man Piyabanna

Category : Movies

Language : Sinhala

Genre : Romantic

Released : 2007

Star Cast & Info : Roshan Ranawana, Pooja Umashankar, Gayathri Dias, Shiran Silva, Nalin Pradeep Udawela, Sanath Gunath

Synopsis :

Ranmalee, a village girl talented in both music and dancing meets the son (Praveen) of a businessman who are on a visit to Ranmalee's village in search of a site to build their new hotel. Even though they had developed feelings for each other, Praveen's family doesn't accept their relationship. Meanwhile, Ranmalee comes across a photographer who's a friend of a leading entrepreneur (Sapumal) in the music industry and he helps her join Sapumal's dancing troupe. Ranmalee becomes very famous with her debut productions and Sapumal catches feelings for her. Ranmalee couldn't say "no" to her boss, but she's puzzled with the vibes from the relationship with Praveen

Country of Origin : Sri Lanka