Happy Birthday (Song & Karaoke)

Category : Kids

Language : English

Genre : Rhymes

Released : 2006

Star Cast & Info : -

Synopsis :

Birthdays of our loved ones are special because they come only once a year. It makes sense to make them as memorable as we can. As a pop idol said, if you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate! Here comes, ‘Happy Birthday Party Songs’ to add the cutting musical edge to the birthday parties of members of your family. It is full of bubby numbers brimming with good feeling and melody for the birthday guy or gal. The numbers will charge up the atmosphere of festoons and candles and cakes and gifts with melody, bounce and dance. Revv up the mood of celebration with these songs overflowing with buzzwords that add vibrancy, vivacity and meaning not only to the Birthday but also to the ones that follow on and on. Warmth, colour, melody, life and buoyancy… pick all these up with this album. It’s going to mean a lot to you because it is bound to make the energy that God invested in you at birth burst out once again.

Country of Origin : India