Bal Hanuman - Animated Stories

Category : Kids

Language : English

Genre : Mythological Stories

Released : 2008

Star Cast & Info : -

Synopsis :

Hanuman is one of the most memorable characters of the Ramayana. He is regarded as the peak of sacrifice, devotion, bravery and loyalty and is widely worshipped in India as a god. Hanuman’s great actions as Lord Rama’s messenger are famous but his birth and childhood are not so well known, hence Bal Hanuman. Bal Hanuman presents beautifully the story of the young Hanuman and his innocent pranks. An Apsara by name Anjana marries Kesari, the monkey warrior. She gives birth to Hanuman with the grace of Lord Shiva, Hanuman, who has formidable strength, plays many pranks, which are all beautifully presented in this animated video. Hanuman takes the rising sun to be a fruit and files into the sky to pluck it. The childhood sports of the superhuman Hanuman narrated here vividly will energise the minds of children. Hanuman, who is full of ethical values, is a great power who protects devotees from bad influences and leads them to a higher life of triumph and achievement

Country of Origin : India