Learn to play Veena - Vol.1

Category : Do It Yourself Videos

Language : English

Released : 2010

Synopsis :

The Sanskrit word veenaa (often written veena and sometimes vina) which is attested already in the Rigveda has designated in the course of Indian history a variety of instruments of various types, as it is a generic term for all kinds of string instruments, just as the Tamil word yaaḻ (often written yaazh or yaal). In the last centuries and today the instruments designated under the designation veenaa of which there are several kinds, have tended to be mostly instruments of the lute or cithar type, and recently the word was even applied to modified Western guitars. But the early veenaas could be plucked string instruments of any type. Found in the list of Musical instruments used by Tamil people out in Tirumurai dated 6th to 11th century. 

Country of Origin : India