Learn to play Indian Ethnic Percussion Instruments - Nagara, Dhukki Tarang, Jamuku, Ektar

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Language : English

Released : 2009

Synopsis :

These are a set of brass shelled drums consisting of a low, medium and high pitched drum.These are fitted with leather heads held together with metal straps for tuning. The duggi, dugi or dukkar, is an Indian drum, with a kettle drum shape, played with fingers and palm of the hand. It is a folk drum in Uttar Pradesh (duggi) and Punjab (dukkar). In shehnai ensembles, a duggi player provided rhythm accompaniment, but nowadays, a tabla player has the role. The duggi part in those ensembles consists of two drums, like a tabla and bayan, but smaller in size. The duggi has neither the resounding quality of the tabla nor the peculiarity that the tabla has of sustaining the frequencies of a note.