Learn Bharatnatyam - Koravais, Padam and Javali

Category : Do It Yourself Videos

Language : Carnatic

Released : 2008

Synopsis :

Bharatanatyam  is a classical Indian dance form that is popular and nurtured in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.This dance form denotes various 19th- and 20th-century reconstructions of Sadir, the art of temple dancers called Devadasis, Sadir in turn, is derived from ancient dance in the treatise Natya Shastra by Bharata of fourth or third century. It was known as "Daasiyattam" since performed by Devadasies in temples of Tamil Nadu long ago. The name 'Bharatanatyam' is derived from three basic concepts of Bhava, Raga and Thaala. The modern Bharatanatyam was systematically regularized by well known 'Thanjavoor Brothers', Ponnayya, Chinnayya, Sivanandam and Vativelu. The music of Bharatanatyam is based on Carnatic classical music.

Country of Origin : India